Employment Law Practice Areas

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Whistleblowing
  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination

Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Wrongful Termination is when a person’s employment is terminated for an illegal reason. Our Orange County wrongful termination lawyers will help in cases related to discrimination and retaliation. Wrongful termination cases sometimes are related to retaliation for the violation of workplace rights like handling leave of absence due to pregnancy, disability, as well as sexual harassment complaints and inquiries.

Unjust Termination Lawyers

A common practice related to unjust terminations is when employers purposefully create the type of workplace environment with the intent to push an employee to quit instead of being fired or terminated. This is known as Constructive Wrongful Termination. It may still be considered Wrongful Termination when an employer forces you to quit – even when an employee quits and is not fired or terminated. If you have dealt with this scenario or are currently experiencing this situation, call our Orange County Wrongful Termination attorneys today for a FREE phone consultation.

Unfair Termination of Employment

Can companies fire employees without giving a reason? It is important to understand that California is an Employment-at-Will state. At Will means that employers aren’t required to specify when or why they are laying off employees. While At Will is the law which protects employers, it is also common for employers to terminate employment because of personal characteristics that are legally protected. Our Orange County Wrongful Termination lawyers often take on cases related to age and medical conditions. Cases like this can be found in court to be employment discrimination, illegal, and as wrongful termination.


Whistleblower Lawyers

What are the legal protections for employees who report their employers for doing something illegal? It is important to seek legal counsel before you report your employer for what you feel is illegal behavior. Reporting an employer for unlawful actions and illegal behavior is called Whistleblowing. You will want to hire attorneys for whistleblowing in Orange County. Contact the Law Offices of Eric V. Luedtke today to schedule a FREE phone consultation.

California Whistleblower Law Orange County

California offers protection from employer retaliation if you qualify in the following scenarios…

  • You refuse to perform an illegal act
  • You report your employer for illegal conduct to a brand of the Government
  • You report Sexual Harassment conduct in the workplace
  • You report conduct related to Discrimination Laws
  • You report that your employer is not following wage laws
  • You report your employer for illegal activity that affects persons not employed by the company you work for

Examples of Employer Discrimination Retaliation

  • Employment Termination
  • Demotion of Position
  • Reducing Your Yours
  • Transferring You (Location or Department)
  • Hostile Attitude Towards You
  • Unwarranted Discipline

Retaliation is adverse action is taken against employees who complain of violation of workplace law, discrimination or harassment. Sometimes retaliation takes place against individuals who participate in the investigation of such cases and workplace scenarios. Violation of workplace law in the form of retaliation doesn’t always come from the owner of the business; retaliation can also come from managers, supervisors, and even fellow employees. Contact the Offices of Eric V. Luedtke for a FREE phone consultation with Orange County Employment Lawyers.


Employment Discrimination Lawyers

It is illegal for employers to engage in discrimination towards current employees or potential future employees. Areas of discrimination include Race, Religion, and National Origin. Our Racial Discrimination Lawyers in Orange County can help you seek financial compensation for racial discrimination-based cases. Our Law Offices in Orange County and our experienced Employment Discrimination Law attorneys will fight for your cases relating to Religious Discrimination as well as discrimination towards National Origin.

Racial Discrimination is related to skin color or race. Religious Discrimination is based on a person’s beliefs or religion. Employers are expected by law to make reasonable arrangements and accommodations for individuals who wish to follow their religion while in the workplace. Some of these areas of protection include the observance of religious holidays, the following of religious practices, and the wearing of religious clothing. Discrimination related to National Origin is based on a person’s country of origin. A person may recognize this type of discrimination during the interview process, during the hiring process, related to hours and pay, an other areas of employment.

Other areas of employment discrimination are related to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is too common for employers to discriminate against persons due to their age through payroll and wage reductions, job elimination, and other civil rights-based violations.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), disabled individuals are a protected class. Areas of the ADA that protect disabled persons include termination, failure to promote or advance, reluctance to hire, and any other decision to mistreat. This law requires employers and all other organizations to accommodate disabled persons.

Sex and gender is another area of discrimination concern. Other areas of potential discrimination include gender identification.